July 26, 2014

something new

I'm starting my own YouTube channel! I'm really excited... My videos mostly won't be vlogs, however, but rather short films and things like that. I will post a vlog once a month or so, probably. I was thinking that as for the videos, I'd post them once a week starting in August. They will be about all sorts of things: travel, DIY, fashion, beauty, science (but I'll make it cool, promise!), and books.

The reason that this won't entirely be a vlog channel is because I feel like there are already so many vlogs and vloggers out there, especially ones that do fashion, beauty, and makeup, that I didn't really feel inspired to do it myself. Huh. I discovered that I really liked filming, though, so I came up with something to do other than vlogs.

One of the collages features two outfits of one of my idols, Tavi Gevinson. She started an online magazine called Rookie, which is about everything ranging from personal essays about disasters to fashion shoots that seem to be located in the mythical lollipop-land (Rookie defies the boundaries of this universe, obviously; I mean, that's the only possible explanation). But beyond being one of my favorite writers ever, Tavi proves she can do everything by also having the most amazing style taste ever. *Sound of fans at a concert or something like that*

What are your opinions on film, photography, and the collages I made that I put up there?? :)

July 25, 2014

Flower Gurls

Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven't written anything in about a week; I was working on a project that I'm super excited to show you all soon! ANYWAYS, I was thinking about trends of the summer; according to Elle Germany or something like that, the two top trends of the season were "masculine" and "feminine." How in the world does THAT work? Basically, we're saying that two polar opposites are both cool; meaning that everything is basically cool....?!

But what I DID love about this summer were the florals! I went around town, taking a ton of pictures of my favorite flowers (it's early summer, after all!) I also made a few style collages (my polyvore is @confettiviolet).
Note: ALL the photos/+collages are mine and were either taken or created by me. 

Marc by Marc outfit

Style Diary 1

Florals and lace

July 19, 2014

it's national ice cream day

Oh my gosh it's national ice cream day!!!!!! I didn't even know that existed before today. But who cares? It's a day named after the best food on planet earth! If you live in New York, you should go to this list by NylonMag to celebrate. Lucky you. Though in the slideshow, they show you how to make an ice cream sandwich at home. Guess who hogged the only leftover ice cream when no one else was looking?

A little random questionnaire by me:
1. What's your favorite dessert?
2. What's your favorite ice cream flavor/frozen yogurt flavor?
3. What is your favorite food/cooking blog/book/show/whatever?

I'm really curious, because whenever my friends and I ask each other these questions, our answers are always COMPLETELY different from one another's.

I just realized that I've always wanted to travel to Thailand and Japan after seeing some really cool robots from Japan and after hearing all about Thailand's legendary cuisine (though I'm not a spice-loving kind of person)(I just want to actually be there in person and decide for myself)(I'll probably have to bring ice cream or milk to stop the spice from burning too much. I even find the local take-out Thai place to be too much for me! [insert one of those little gasping ghost emojis] ) What are your wanderlust and travel stories?