August 22, 2014


HI. We have a lot to catch up on!
Well... Where do I start? I'll just begin somewhere. Over August, I've travelled by houseboat down the Loire River (the canal on the side, actually) in France- this lasted a whole week- and I've since been to Paris to visit relatives and friends, Milan, Florence, and now, I am writing this to you from Rome. I guess you could say that I've been places! 

I'm making a slightly fresh start here on my blog. I've decided to start working harder on writing and photography... I guess I realized that if I was doing a blog in the first place, I should do it properly.
I will be writing separate posts for each of the cities I've been to, because I feel like I couldn't ever cover everything in one go. There is so much to tell... Like how Rome is practically like Hawaii, with all it's bright colors and tropical plants, crossed with Paris' appearance and charm, or how Florence is basically a city that's one giant museum, or about all the insane lines we've had to wait in... There's so, so much!

I've been keeping a photo diary, and I even started an Instagram (@lessuperficials) for a few pictures. 

This is my last day in Rome- tomorrow, I'll be back in Milan, and on Sunday I'll be in Paris, waiting for the plane that will fly me home. I'm excited and sad, because this has been one of the best travel experiences I ever had! However, after three weeks, wanderlust seems to be replaced with this inevitable feeling of missing home.

Love, Amélie
P.S. I took both of the photos in this post!  Location is Paris.

August 5, 2014

It's Fun to People-Watch

So this is another scheduled post, because when this is published (or when it's SUPPOSED to be published) I'll be in France! Wheeeeee! And the week after that, I will upload my first video to my channel! I'm extremely excitable right now; the Simpsons aren't even close to matching up! 

By the way, the dog up there is mine: her name is Caline!

I discovered this TV show called Keeping Up Appearances; it's about a woman who is incredibly obsessed with status and high position in society. It's wildly funny and delightful to watch, and I think it's probably the first show that I've seen so far that I actually enjoyed, so I definitely recommend that you watch it! (It is on Netflix.) I made a collage (the one directly below) to show my deep appreciation of the show's existence: (and by the way, I'm kidding about the deep appreciation thing- I just felt like making a collage!)

I got inspiration from my dog and started sitting on the couch and just staring out the window for long-ish periods of time... My record so far has been three minutes of "casually" observing outside, because I really don't have Caline's patience and general time in life. Also, I really don't know how staring out of the window for no apparent reason at all can ever be something casual... so there. 
Anyways, it's interesting because you start to notice a lot of things that were practically invisible to you before.

Summer is a truly confusing time... you do so many new things that are both strange and perfect at the same time, and you experience so much. I also find that I spend a lot of time regretting random things for whatever reason and thinking about things I could spend my time doing but end up being to lazy/sluggish/impatient/etc. to do so.

What are all of your feelings about summer, vacations, France, my collages, Keeping Up Appearances, and general fandoms? Tell me!

August 1, 2014

August | July

Hi everyone! I'm so excited- I'll be flying to France tomorrow! I decided to quickly write something small, because after all, it's August! A new month for new experiences, joys, and whatevers. I'm also happy 'cuz Rookie's theme of the month is enchantment- and as Tavi wrote in her Editor's letter of the month, "Summer witches and summer fairies, cosmic vibes..."

My friend has a polaroid camera (my latest die-hard obsession and my full to-do list: GET ONE. I DON'T LIKE SHARING!... at least, not when it's something as cool as a polaroid camera!) We took photos around the park, and up there are some results! So, bringing the old back into the new: the perfect way to start August!

What is your latest obsession and what are your plans/bucket lists for August?