July 19, 2014

it's national ice cream day

Oh my gosh it's national ice cream day!!!!!! I didn't even know that existed before today. But who cares? It's a day named after the best food on planet earth! If you live in New York, you should go to this list by NylonMag to celebrate. Lucky you. Though in the slideshow, they show you how to make an ice cream sandwich at home. Guess who hogged the only leftover ice cream when no one else was looking?

A little random questionnaire by me:
1. What's your favorite dessert?
2. What's your favorite ice cream flavor/frozen yogurt flavor?
3. What is your favorite food/cooking blog/book/show/whatever?

I'm really curious, because whenever my friends and I ask each other these questions, our answers are always COMPLETELY different from one another's.

I just realized that I've always wanted to travel to Thailand and Japan after seeing some really cool robots from Japan and after hearing all about Thailand's legendary cuisine (though I'm not a spice-loving kind of person)(I just want to actually be there in person and decide for myself)(I'll probably have to bring ice cream or milk to stop the spice from burning too much. I even find the local take-out Thai place to be too much for me! [insert one of those little gasping ghost emojis] ) What are your wanderlust and travel stories?

July 18, 2014

Eye of the Poppy

Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing week!I spent all of the week either reading (Lost Illusions, Balzac), making moodboards/moodnotes/moodcollages, or  listening to music:

I have this thing where one year, I'll only like about five different foods, and by the time the year ends, I'm so worn out from the five foods that I'll switch to liking only five new foods. This years foods aren't so healthy [here, insert the swimming emoji along with the jogging emoji to symbolize the need for exercise and hopefully inspire me to get of my fluffy couch.... hahahaha. nooo way that's ever gonna happen (unfortunately).] It's pasta, filet mignon, tuna, lentils, and gnocchi. OKAY. I do eat more foods than that, of course, but those are the five main dinner things. And the pasta and gnocchi combined cancel all three of the other foods' healthiness out in the glory of pasta/gnocchi unhealthiness. [*sigh*]

Okayy, so what do you think of my moodboard thingies? I tried to combine modern clothing (all the runway shots are from vogue.com and from various f/w 2014 collections) with vintage pictures (sort of. except the pictures weren't really so vintage.)

For the sake of inspiration, I'd love to hear what your favorite vintage blogs/websites/photos/instagrams/whatever are!

Love, Amelie

July 17, 2014

High Five to Dogs

Hair bands as rings//hair tie as bracelet

 Perfume tester bottle//bracelet
 Erasers (shaped as animals)//zipper bracelet//weird sunglasses that I probs got as a party favor years ago